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Diatonic Accordion Stages

The courses and stages of the Accademia del Mantice are held on a regular calendar in Italy. It is possible to invite the Accademia del Mantice music masters abroad in order to held specific diatonic accordion stages and/or concerts.

Furthermore, all courses and stages of the Accademia del Mantice may be requested by associations, schools of music, folk music festivals, local governments and cultural institutions. For information contact the direction of the school.


The Stage are cycles of meetings during which address specific expressions and musical traditions in which the diatonic accordion has an important role. Teaching Group, focusing on repertoire, not exclude interventions tailored to the refinement of the technique. Stages usually take place over two days, are held periodically at the Accademia del Mantice headquarters, but can also be requested abroad.

Joining stages of the Accademia del Mantice also give the possibility of meeting other musicians and players, compare, exchange ideas, opinions, scores, and always with the purpose of learning.

Accademia del Mantice helds the followinf stages:


  1. Musiche dall'Occitania
  2. Saltarello marchigiano
  3. Tarantella di Montemarano
  4. Tarantella riggitana
  5. Pizzica salentina

Musiche dal mondo
  1. Musica Klezmer
  2. Irlandesi
  3. Tango
  4. Musiche Scandinave
  5. Russia e Balcani
  6. Il valzer musette francese
  7. Bourrèe francesi
  8. Mazurche francesi
  9. Scottisch
  10. Valzer dispari
  11. Marc Perrone (repertorio)
  12. Andy Cutting (repertorio)
  13. Stéphane Delicq (repertorio)
  14. Fandango

  1. L'uso armonico dei bassi
  2. Tecniche di improvvisazione
  3. Il duo di organetti
  4. Accompagnamento al canto


The courses are cycles of individual lessons that cover the entire academic year. They aimed to raise the student beginner to a good level in the preparation and knowledge of the technique of diatonic accordion.

They are recommended for those who want to start studying the diatonic accordion, as well as to those who want to achieve greater security with the instrument, a better basic techniques, and greater awareness of the expressive potential of the diatonic accordion.

Teaching activities are aimed mainly to the technical execution and interpretation through a series of traditional songs, from the simplest to the most complex, and a dedicated part harmony and music theory.

For further information please contact the direction of the school.

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