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Welcome to the Accademia del Mantice website. The place of diatonic accordion.

The main objective of the Accademia del Mantice (Diatonic Accordion Academy) is training good diatonic accordion players. Furthermore, we promote the diatonic accordion and its repertory as a genuine worldwide leading instrument. We are convinced that diatonic accordion is a traditional instrument that can give a lot more to the modern world music perspective.

Following this purpose, the Accademia del Mantice organizes diatonic accordion mastercalsses and courses. Our Courses are dedicated to specific musical traditions around the world, Italian, French, Spanish, Klezmer, Irish, as an example. We would like people can learn to play diatonic accordion playing across several different musical traditions and styles.

Our courses are held in Rome and in other italian and european cities. However, the Accademia del Mantice would be glad to be in touch and collaborate with other associations and musicians around the world that share with us the same passion for traditional music and diatonic accordion. The Accademia del Mantice would appreciate to be contacted and invited abroad in order to organize courses concerning music for diatonic accordion.

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