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The Online Course Faq

I cannot play the diatonic accordion. Can I attend the on-line lessons?
Yes, you can. The course is planned in order to give all indications with the instrument to the beginners. Everything is explained in an easy way. In a case that you are an absolute beginner, it is better to accept indications from the Academy on the choice of the lessons.

I cannot read music. Is an Online Course good for me?
Yes, it is. The online course shows diatonic accordion tablatures, however the learning philosophy is for everybody, even for the people who cannot read written music

Which kind of accordion I need?
You need a diatonic accordion (button box) in G/C. However, it is possible to frequent the online lessons even with accordions tuned in other tonalities as the note positioning on the keyboard is the same.

What contains an online lesson?
Every online lesson contains detailed instructions for studying a technical issue or playing a single accordion tune. Every online lesson is 24 hours accessible and contains:

  1. A cultural background of the tune or tradition analyzed through the lesson;

  2. Detailed step by step instructions about studying and interpretation of the tune;

  3. English subtitles for the spoken parts;

  4. Videos for clearly represent hands position on the keyboard, both for left and right hand;

  5. Audio extracts, in order to emphasize determinates musical passages, both in slow and normal speed;

  6. Tablature or musical notation of the tune, for those who are able or need to read music;

  7. Exercises;

  8. Suggestions for playing and studying.

Which are the online lessons currently available?
The catalogue of the available online lessons is constantly updated and is accessible clicking here.

Is a basic course available?
Yes, of course. A basic course is organized through 15 online lessons. There are "basic skills" and "Developing skills" lesson sections in order to build a solid ability on the accordion.

Basic Skills
FT 1 - Posture and right hands position
FT 2 - Playing basses
FT 3 - Improving hands autonomy
FT 4 - Exercises for right keyboard
FT 5 - Managing the bellow and air valve

Developing Skills
TE 1 - Exercises for improving hands agility
TE 2 - Exercises for improving bellow expression
TE 3 - Exercises for improving sound quality
TE 4 - Playing chords on right keyboard
TE 5 - Melody embellishments

Your First Tunes
PBVA - First valzer
PBMA - First mazurca
PBPL - First polka
PBBR - First bourrée
PBSC - First scottish

Please note: some of the online lessons dedicated to specific traditional tunes are particularly suitable for beginners.

Have I to install any software?
No, You have just to connect to the "Accademia del Mantice" website through a standard web browser as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and so on.

It is neccessary to be connected always to the Internet?
No, you will connect to the Internet only for the automatic downloading of the lesson pages containing audio and videos. Then, it is possible to study offline.

Need I a special computer? I have to install any software?
It is enough to have a personal computer on the Internet and a web browser. You don’t need to install anything except the “Macromedia Flash Player”. Of course, you need headphones or speakers.

Is there any technical assistance or tutoring?
The online course offers tutoring and technical assistance through chat or Skype free phone calls by appointment.

How much cost the online lessons and how I can buy them?
Prices are published here. Payment can be carried out through credit card, Paypal transfer or banking transfer.

What I have to do in order to buy some online lessons?
Payment can be carried out through credit card banking transfer or Paypal account at where you can buy a four lesson package.

Otherwise, you can compose your personal four lessons packages selecting basic lessons here or accordion tunes lessons here.

If you need further clarification, please send an e-mail to and communicate the learning lessons you are interested in.

Your lessons will be activated a few hours after payment.

What happens when I have paid the lessons?
Every student will receive an e-mail containing personal username and password that allow to access a personal web page. Every personal web page contains all the links to the online lessons bought from the student.

Which language are written the learning lessons?
The spoken parts are subtitled in English. You can read the learning lessons in English or Italian through an automatic translation service. Sentences are very brief and clear.

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